The four Ann Arbo Condo developments are as follows: 

    -  Ashley Terrace Condominiums – approved 11/23/2009

     -  Cloverly Village Condominiums – approved 10/29/2009

     -  Gallery Park Condominiums – approved 12/21/2009

  -  Pittsfield Village Condominiums – approved 6/8/2009

With 100% financing being a thing of the past, this is excellent news as FHA is pretty much the only avenue for buyers with low down payments.   A large number of Ann Arbor Condo buyers are either first time home buyers or medical or graduate students and coming up with a down payment is difficult.   As more financing options become available for these buyers, it increases the buyer pool for condominiums.

The complete list of approved Ann Arbor Condo’s is as follows:

  -  Pattengill Condos

  -  Walden Hills I Condos, Walden II Condos

  -  Weatherstone Condos

  -  Parkside Condos

  -  Landmark Pines Condos

  -  Georgetown Commons Condos

  -  Earhart Village Condos

  -  Chapel Hill Condos

  -  Brentwood Square Condos

For condominiums not on the list, you will have to go through spot approval.

For any further information regarding FHA financing for Ann Arbor Condominiums, call The Ann Arbor Condo Specialists – The Bouma Group at 734-771-3060 or email us at   For more information about Condo’s for sale, or sold prices in Ann Arbor visit