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Bill's top 10 benefits to owning an Ottawa condo

10. Condominiums in
Ottawa offer some of the most spectacular views!  Imagine waking up every morning to a picturesque view of Parliament Hill or the Rideau Canal.


9. Condominiums are great for individuals and couples who are downsizing.  Remember that, while the unit you are purchasing may be smaller in square footage and comparable in price to the home you are selling, the luxuriousness, lifestyle benefits and location more than make up for the difference.


8. Condos are a great alternative for people who travel a lot.  The care and maintenance of owning a home can be daunting when you are away a great deal.


7. Condos require less maintenance than a single family home.  You are responsible for your unit, while the management company care for the grounds and building exterior.


6. A condo would be a great investment for your university-bound child to live in.  Instead of paying rent, you could be building equity in an investment property.


5. Many condos offer underground parking, a real luxury in our Canadian winters.


4. Each condominium complex has different amenities, which may include a pool, sauna, fitness center, 24-hour security and more.


3. Owing a condo in the downtown area offers many alternatives to owning a car, including walking and public transit.


2. Condos come in all shapes and sizes – from a small studio apartment to a large four-bedroom penthouse suite.


And Bill’s number 1 benefit to owning a condominium in the Ottawa area is…


1. Condominium ownership is all about lifestyle.  If you like long walks on the Rideau Canal and being close to Ottawa’s Elgin Street nightlife, you might choose to live in a condominium complex along the canal.  If, on the other hand, you prefer a more secluded residential area, with the option of a short drive to Ottawa’s downtown core, you might choose a condo in Ottawa’s west end.  Whatever your ideal lifestyle, there is sure to be an Ottawa condo that meets your personal requirements.  This is the beauty of condo living.


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Posted Monday, August 10, 2009 by Martin Bouma
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