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My Job includes doing 3 things very consistently:

  • Exposing your property and highlighting the benefits to buyers and Realtors.
  • Provide impeccable service throughout the entire listing period.
  • Be a powerful negotiator on your behalf and bring your transaction to a successful closing.

Promoting your Property

To Realtors:

  • Input into the Multiple Listing Service immediately. This makes detailed information available to over 3500 cooperating Realtors in the area.
  • E-Mail your listing information to realtors immediately.
  • Distribute brochures to the TOP Realtors in the your area.
  • Mail brochures to every Realtor that has homes for sale in the same geographical area and price range as your home.
  • Contact agents with listings in the same price range as yours and find out who's showing their homes. This allows me to go right to where the active market is and let those showing agents know about your home.
  • Promote your property to other Realtors at all office, company, MLS, board and other special meetings. Remember- you, as a homeowner, will benefit, because of my excellent reputation within the real estate community and the networking systems I have established.

To Buyers and the General Public:

  • Install a "For Sale" sign where allowed. My for sale signs have my website address & direct phone line on them.
  • My Internet address is on my yard sign, which advertises all of my listings whenever someone accesses my website.
  • Notify neighborhood of the availability to increase awareness by mailing out "Just Listed" postcards to the surrounding area.
  • Place your home, with multiple photos, on my personal website, exposing your home to the World. We also place your home on the major real estate websites:,,,,, plus a myriad of others.
  • Check my computer database for any purchasers that are in the market for a home of your price range. We do this at least once a week, constantly trying to match our listings with buyers that have called into our office.
  • Provide Nationwide exposure with our fully staffed Relocation Department.
  • Hold open houses, where appropriate, to generate buyer interest.

Ensuring Total Satisfaction Throughout the Listing Period

  • My listing manager will immediately process your listing so no time is lost in getting your home into the system.
  • Color brochures are prepared and delivered to your home.
  • Install a lockbox to increase showings.
  • Stay in touch with you to discuss status, in addition to follow up contact on all showings.
  • Keep you informed of all marketing and advertising efforts.
  • Monitor market activity on a bi-weekly basis.
  • Provide you with prompt, honest, consistent communication.
  • Always be available to you with pager and cellular phone.

Negotiating in your Best Interest and Paving the Road to a Smooth Closing

  • Monitor closely all lender and escrow activities to ensure a successful closing.
  • Be sure that the buyer removes contingencies according to the time frame specified in the contract.
  • Concentrate on solutions, not problems.
  • Represent your best interests at all times and in all negotiations.
  • Accompany you to the closing.