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Ottawa Condo Market Statistics

Well, it looks like the "economic downturn" is over.  In the Ottawa area, there is definitely a seller's market.  There are less homes on the market and many homes are selling at higher than asking price. 

If you are thinking of listing your condo for sale, now is a great time.  Don't wait until spring.  Many sellers are receiving multiple offers on their homes.

If you are looking to buy an Ottawa condo, don't despair.  We can easily put you on our Buyer Instant Notification program and you will be notified 24-48 hours before the rest of the city when a condo becomes available that meets your criteria.

During the month of September 2009, the average condo in the Ottawa area sold for $240,107 and took only 26 days.  The average condo sold at 98.65% of its asking price.

An interesting item to note is that 25% of all condos sold in the month of September sold at 100% of their asking price or higher. 

Now is definitely the time to list your condo for sale.  Contact us at 613-288-2455 today and let's get started!

Posted Monday, October 19, 2009 by Martin Bouma
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