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Make $10,000 in renovations to your Ottawa condo and don't pay until closing!

Are you thinking of selling your Ottawa area condo but are waiting because you know you have some renovations to do and just can't afford them right now? Well, Westboro Flooring and Decor is one of our preferred partners and they have agreed to allow our clients to renovate their Ottawa condos up to $10,000 with no payment until the closing date! How can you go wrong?

You get to pick the most pressing update that will help you sell your condo in the Ottawa area faster and for the most money. Then, Westboro Flooring and Decor will help you implement your improvement. You sell you home fast, due in part to your new renovation. Finally, you don't need to pay a cent until your sale is finalized and you have the money in your pocket.

Where else can you implement $10,000 of improvements to your Ottawa condo and not have to pay for it until you sell your house?

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Posted Monday, March 22, 2010 by Martin Bouma
Tags: sell your ottawa condo,renovate your ottawa condo