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Protect Yourself and Your Property – Have Hunters Sign a Waiver

If you're an Ann Arbor homeowner who allows others to hunt on your property, you could be liable if they’re injured. Cover your risk by asking hunters to sign a liability waiver. This suggestion comes from InsuraCorp, Inc., a Fremont-based company which has a Hunting Hold Harmless Agreement on its website. While deer hunting is an extremely popular outdoor tradition in Michigan, homeowners should take appropriate measures to avoid injury-related lawsuits suffered by hunters on their property.

According to the Michigan Department of Natural Resources and Environment (DNRE) the state has issued 13,641 deer hunting licenses in Washtenaw County so far this year, while statewide, sales have reached about 1.3 million. Firearm season for deer runs from November 14 through the 30th; archery season begins December 1 and runs through the 30th.

A Hunting Hold Harmless Agreement is a simple document, used by home owners with anyone they allow onto their property for hunting purposes. Signers of such an agreement waive any claim against the owner of the property on which they are hunting. The hunter agrees to indemnify and defend the homeowner in the event that their hunting causes injury to another person.

Michigan law states that a property owner has a duty to warn individuals (such as hunters) of hidden defects on the premises, or other features that could cause or contribute to injury or loss. If money is exchanged for allowing others to hunt on an individual’s property, this duty to warn is even greater. Generally, the property owner is required to make the property reasonably safe, warn others of known dangers, regularly inspect the property, and make all necessary repairs. Even if no money is exchanged, the homeowner can still be held liable if a situation occurs resulting in injury or property damage.

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Posted Tuesday, November 23, 2010 by Martin Bouma