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Eating Healthy and Well in Ann Arbor

Ann Arbor is a great city for fitness and health.  There are many opportunities for walkers and cyclists to work exercise into their daily lives, but nothing completes the picture of healthy living better than fresh foods, grown locally, on your table.  Even though modern food processing methods assure us that food will taste almost-fresh picked, there's nothing like fruits and vegetables right from the vine.  That's why lots of Ann Arbor residents grow a few tomatoes or zucchini for their families, but unless you have lots of land or lots of time, you cannot supply all the fresh produce your family needs, much less your requirements for dairy and meat. 

Fortunately, for Ann Arbor residents, the Ann Arbor Farmer's Market is nearby at 315 Detroit St. in Kerrytown.  In business for over 90 years, the market is open Saturdays year-round.  From May through December, it also serves customers on Wednesdays from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m.  Needless to say, the offerings change with the seasons.  Currently, you can find flowers, hosta, herbs, horseradish, spinach, green onions, rhubarb, asparagus, eggs, duck eggs, jam, bread, pastries, and meat at the market.  As the summer progresses, the selection of fruits and vegetables will increase.  There is also a selection of coffee, honey, crafts, jewelry, art, and apparel. 

Managed by the City of Ann Arbor, the Farmer's Market is adjacent to Kerrytown just north of downtown and west of the Old Fourth Ward, near other shopping in commercial districts on North Fourth Avenue, North Main Street, and Braun Court.  Though parking is available, the City actually encourages shoppers to come visit the market on foot or on a bicycle, preferably equipped with a shopping cart or recyclable bags.  There is other shopping in the area, so you can fill up your cart with everything you need.

By patronizing the market, you will provide excellent, healthy food to your family while you promote the local sources of sustainably grown food.  Unlike a chain grocery store, you can talk with the farmer who grew the products.  If you are concerned about whether the food was grown organically or without pesticides, you can ask about his or her growing practices.  Your support for the 150 vendors at the Ann Arbor Farmer's Market will keep the market alive and prospering, both as your personal grocery store and as a social center.

Wherever you settle in Ann Arbor, there is a market nearby.  Aside from the Kerrytown market, the Ann Arbor area is served by farmer's markets in Saline, Chelsea, Manchester, Ypsilanti, and Howell.  Do you want to buy a home in a neighborhood near the Kerrytown market or one of the others?  Martin Bouma is your Ann Arbor neighborhood expert.  Whether you are buying or selling your home, the Bouma Group can help you with your real estate needs in Ann Arbor, as well as keep you up to date about Washtenaw County and Ann Arbor neighborhoods.  Check out our Condo Hotline to get a handle on the Ann Arbor condo market.

Posted Tuesday, May 18, 2010 by Martin Bouma