Your step by step guide to finding the perfect condo!

Are you looking for the perfect condo for you and your family?  If so, we have the perfect planning guide for you!

One of our most popular FREE products is the Condominium Complex Comparison Workbook.  This 25+ page workbook walks you through the process of selecting a condominium in your area - step by step.

First, you select a few areas within your geographic area - the city where you live.  You identify the reasons why you like each area.  What are the pros and cons of living in these areas?

Then, you review the complexes listed on for these identified areas.  Select a few that you think fit your needs.  Record infomration about each condo, including things like association fees, amenities, number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms, size, price, and more.

Once you have selected some condos that meet your criteria as the perfect home, the next step is to see if these condos are in your price range.

The next step in our workbook is to determine the overall monthly amount required to live in each of your selected condos, taking into consideration monthly payments such as:

  • mortgage payments
  • realty taxes
  • association or condo fees
  • insurance payments
  • utility charges

Once you are finished with this section of the workbook, you have a short list of condos to choose from - each one meeting your specific needs and the needs of your family!

Simply contact your Realtor and arrange to see your short list of condos and make an offer on the perfect one!  It couldn't be any easier!

In order to get your copy of the Condominium Complex Comparison Workbook, simply email your Realtor on the and ask for it!  If your area is not yet represented on the, email and let us know. 

Posted Monday, April 18, 2011 by Condo Hotline